ALEX Cosmetics - Intensive Corrector No.2 50ml

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ALEX Cosmetics - Intensive Corrector No2 50ml
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What it is? Intensive Corrector No. 2 is a special product to combat hyperpigmentation [age spots]. The highly brightening active ingredient kojic acid intervenes in the process of melanin production. At the same time, the cream regenerates the skin, moisturizes and smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The best results can be expected in combination with Alex Cosmetic CORRECTOR SERUM + VITAMIN C.

Why you'll love it:

  • Inhibits melanin production, reduces the synthesis and enzymatic activity in the melanocytes
  • Inhibits the oxidation process - necessary for melanin formation
  • Provides skin with moisture
  • Regenerates, refines and smoothes skin
  • Reduces impurities, hydrates, and smoothes fine lines
  • For all skin types

How To Use:

Apply morning and evening on clean skin. Then protect the skin well from the sun [BB Cream or Sun Care Cream].  For optimal whitening results the client should switch up the product after 2-month use (habituation effect on the skin).

Key Ingredients:

NIACIN:  Has a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory effect and protects dry skin from renewed water loss. Also effective against pigment spots, as the transport of melanin-containing pigment cells to the upper layer of the skin is reduced.

ALOE VERA:  Provides a lot of moisture and protects and soothes the skin. Aloe vera is very well tolerated by the skin and has an itching, cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.

ALMOND OIL:  The oil obtained from the almond has a skin-protecting and antioxidant effect and is suitable for all skin types. Leaves skin soft to the touch and makes rough and brittle skin soft and supple again.

TOCOPHEROL:  Cell-protecting vitamin E derivatives that support the wound healing process and reduce scarring. Moisturizing and skin-smoothing.

KOJIC ACID:  Helps to achieve an even and harmonious complexion as the formation of melanin in the skin is inhibited. In addition to its skin-lightening effect, the active ingredient is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

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