Etre Belle - Pure White Pearl Day Cream SPF 50, 50ml

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Etre Belle - Pure White Pearl Day Cream SPF 50, 50ml
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What it is? This special day cream contains a sunscreen of SPF50 for intensive protection against UV radiation induced pigmentation. The whitening ingredient complex ensures a radiant complexion and  refreshes the clarity of your skin tone. 

Why you'll love it:

  • For visibly brighter and more beautiful skin
  • Moisturizing and hydrating
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Soft, smooth feel on the skin
  • Perfect preparation for all intensive skin-brightening treatment

How To Use:

Apply in the morning to the face, neck and décolleté every evening after cleansing and tonic and massage in gently. Avoid the eye area. Avoid area around eyes.

Key Ingredients:

Octadecenedioic acid (ODA white)The derivative obtained by the fermentation of natural, vegetable oleic acid inhibits the entire melanin synthesis procedure. Beginning with the cell nucleus, ODA white slows down the formation of tyrosine and thus the enzymatic oxidation of the substance, i.e.

SymWhitePinosylvin, a natural agent from the heartwood of pine, serves as an example of the molecular structure of SymWhite. In the pine, pinosylvin serves as a natural tyrosinase inhibitor to protect the tree from fungicides. In humans, tyrosinase inhibition leads to an inhibition of melanin formation in the skin and hair.

CellActive WhiteCellActive White works on two levels. Watercress extract and complexed zinc block the tyrosinase, the key enzyme for melanin formation. Vitamin B3 and the Essential Cell Boost-Factor influence the transport of melanin. Vitamin B3 thereby inhibits the distribution of melanin in the keratinocytes. 

Bisabolol:  The main active ingredient of chamomile oil has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. Whereas other agents work in chamomile, bisabolol is isolated and is thus far less allergenic. Moreover, bisabolol has been shown to be active against pigment spots.

Vitamin C derivative Vitamins are essential for the body; this is very similar in cosmetics. Since vitamin C is not stable enough, a derivative with a slightly modified structure is created to absorb the most important substances.

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