ALEX Cosmetics - BB Cream NUDE 30ml

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ALEX Cosmetics - BB Cream 30ml
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What it is? The BB Cream is the special product for impure and irritated skin, problem skin and combination skin. It normalizes skin functions and consistently covers redness and pimples and allows them to subside. Oily and combination skins in particular rave about the mattifying effect. Taking the centuries-old recipe for zinc ointment as a model, the BB Cream can also be used to cover and soothe fresh scars.

Why you'll love it:

  • Normalizes skin functions
  • Neutralizes and repairs red, irritated and sensitized skin
  • Reduces efflorescences and fosters healing process
  • Works anti-inflammatory on impure skin and acne
  • Cares for and calms couperosis und rosacea
  • Covers and minimizes pores, uneven skin tone and scars
  • Shields sun and environmental aggressors (all-weather)
  • Shows light brightening properties
  • Impure, irritated and problematic skin

How To Use:

Apply a small amount of BB Cream to the skin after day care or serum and pat in - do not rub. Can be used alone or as a makeup base. Local for razor burn. If necessary, apply selectively to scars or irritated skin. You can mix 2 shades to match your skin tone 100%.

Key Ingredients:

CORN OIL:  The oil ensures that dirt and excess skin oil are absorbed and the skin becomes smooth, clear and supple again. The active ingredient has a protective effect and protects the skin from harmful environmental influences.

SHEA BUTTER:  Has a slightly calming and anti-inflammatory effect and is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin due to the fatty components.

BETA CAROTENUM:  The body uses carotenoids to defend against free radicals. Beta-carotene plays an important role as an agent to increase wound healing during infections. In addition, the slackening of the skin is counteracted and the microcirculation of the skin is stimulated.

TOCOPHEROL:  Cell-protecting vitamin E derivatives that support the wound healing process and reduce scarring. Moisturizing and skin smoothing.

ZINC OXIDE:  Allows inflammation and weeping wounds to heal quickly and has an astringent, antiseptic, sebum-regulating and drying effect. Particularly helpful for oily and impure skin.

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